The Rug Professional reads the magazine – the people who make and sell and specify rugs.

We print 4500 magazines each month. In addition to those mailed to our 12x subscribers, they are distributed as follows:

  • Buyers at major retail outlets get the magazine monthly.
  • Selected interior designers and retailers in 6 major SMSA areas – over the course of a year, these readers will get the magazine twice.
  • 8 Trade shows per year.
  • Back issues are available on the web site – so an advertiser’s ad will live forever there.


The Rug Enthusiast goes to Rug News

  • Our staff actively promotes Rug News andDesign through social media – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube.
  • Every month the number of pages read increases.
  • Website readership spends an average of 4 minutes/visit – they are reading, not skimming.
  • Website readership comes from all parts of the world, although the majority is from the US.