Our Philosophy

Our goal is to educate our readers, and share with them issues and trends we see. And we hope that our audience will share with us what they know and see. We believe in collaboration.

Quality of product starts with the quality of the raw materials, and the care and handling of all of the processes that transform the raw materials into the product that the consumer buys.

Price is a function of both the product and the method of distribution. We have often said that there are only two products, those that are bought (without a human interface) and those that are sold (with a human interface). The key is the human interface.

However, the Internet is providing information that formerly came only from people. This magazine will remain in print, and will be the organizing principle for our online presence.

In presenting new products, we try to provide a 50/50 balance between products of our advertisers, and products of other trade participants.

What We Stand For

  1. Paying an honest price for an honest product – whether it be printed rugs or hand knotted silk rugs.
  2. Social Responsibility – the production of rugs in a safe and clean environment, where the children are educated and the weavers are treated with respect.
  3. Good design and beauty.

The Love Of Rugs

As a family, we have grown to love rugs because

  1. Rugs are an art form of infinite possibilities – limited only by the skill of the designer and the weaver.
  2. Rugs are history – after cave drawings, they are probably the oldest form of decorative art.
  3. The rug industry represents classic vertical integration – it captures the value of raw material and labor. It adds value. It is the first step in economic development.
  4. We like rug people associated with the business – they are artists, textile engineers, weavers, social entrepreneurs, marketers – we like breaking bread with them. Good rug people are passionate about their product.
  5. We like sharing our love for rugs with our friends – introducing them to the infinite possibilities for floor covering.
  6. We like to travel to places rugs are made.
  7. As a family, we like having fun.