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Designing, making, and selling rugs is a global business and has been since before the beginning of recorded history. Rug News andDesign tries to cover the whole gamut of subjects both in print and online.

We talk to manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. We attend trade shows in the design fields – as well as other industries. We visit museums. We read books. We talk and visit with friends in many rug producing countries. After 42 years in the business, we still are learning.

Our main office is located in Morris, NY. But our staff are located in Eastchester NY, Brooklyn NY, Asheville NC and Los Angeles CA. The magazine is printed in Fulton MO. Writers come from all over the world.

8x year Print Edition

Rug News andDesign is a 8x magazine focused on the 4 major trade shows; the months are: December, January, March, April, June, July, and September October. It started as a trade publication for the retailers of area rugs. As the market has changed, so has our audience; we now address interior designers, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Our articles cover the current design trends, the marketing of rugs — from display techniques to inventory control and market analytics — the production  of rugs — both handmade (tufted, hand knotted, and flat woven) and machine made – and the history of rugs.


We delight in sharing the knowledge of experts in their fields — designers, manufacturers, historians.


The Internet lets us expand our audience to the consumer who is curious about rugs —  worldwide.

Our Educational Material

We will have 100 articles from our archives explaining different facets of rugs — from history, to designs, to production methods, to pictures of the people and places where these rugs come from.

“Rug Basics” is a graphic illustration of how different handmade rugs are produced. For some it is more than they ever wanted to know, for others it will be a starting point. We will link to more and more other educational sources as time passes.

Our Industry Material

We cover 8 trade shows a year, photographing the newest introductions of each of the exhibitors, and posting them before the end of the show.


Updated almost daily with news from vendors, retailers and interior designers as well as timely news items.  Also included are the dates of trade shows, museum exhibits, and eductaional opportunities.   Submission is to [email protected]