Forty-three years ago, my recently acquired husband, Leslie Stroh the improbable and impressionable new President of Fritz & LaRue, returned from his first trip...

Jaipur Rugs Foundation featured in The Atlantic

In this beautifully illustrated article in The Atlantic, the origins of the social entrepreneurship approach to rug making are described.

Rug News andDesign featured Mr. and Mrs. N.K. Chaudhary in the article Jaipur Rugs – 40,000 workers, 32,000 women from July 2011, detailing their contributions to empowering women and "giving dignity to the weavers."

Carpet Making in India

A good overview of the hand knotting process in India.

Sanjhi Hand Embroidery In India

Hand embroidery in Jaipur India, showing a traditional craft related to rug making.

Sanjhi Hand Spinning In India

This video demonstrates hand-powered spinning in India on a rudimentary tool, not drop spindle, which is much slower.

Social Responsibility: Fighting Child Labour in India’s Carpet Industry

Social Responsibility: Our friends at Social Accountability International (SA8000) sent us this link to an International Labor Organization (ILO-NGO) video called "Fighting Child Labour in India's Carpet Industry" (April 2012).

Jaipur Rugs – 40,000 workers, 32,000 women

Contrary to everything we know about rug making in India, Jaipur Rugs is a woman run, woman employing business. In our mission statement (relating...

Jaipur Rugs – Connecting Rural India To Global Markets

Jaipur Rugs - Connecting Rural India To Global Markets

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