Kabul: Rug Making and Finishing (Part 1)

"This article starts in a Turkish bath, a “hamam”, and the “hamam” starts with a Roman bath a millennium earlier. While this must seem an odd place to start, Kabul at 5,900 feet altitude has snow on the ground all winter. Mazar e Sharif at 1290 feet does not but stays about freezing, and Peshawar Pakistan (80% flooded) at about 1200 feet averages 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter."

Kabul: Rug Making and Finishing (Part 2)

 "In Part 1, we wrote about rug making in Afghanistan, using pictures supplied by Ariana. This month we will illustrate the article with pictures supplied by Amadi and Pacific Collection. For our readers who are unfamiliar with this group of firms, Amadshah and Alex Ahmadi run Ariana, Zabi, Zubair and Murtazah Ahmadi run Amadi, and Fred Hazin runs Pacific Collection. They all grew up together..."

The Initiative to Educate Afghan Women

Roz Rustigian is still the chair of "The Initiative To Educate Afghan Women" and the board and supporters continue their efforts to provide a...

New York Times: The Life Report: James Opie

From the New York Times,  December 13, 2011: The Life Report: James Opie By David Brooks The following Life Report was submitted in response to my column...

Afghan Rugs – from Label STEP via Rob Leahy, Fine Rugs Of Charleston

Excellent video on rug making, produced and filmed in Afghanistan by Label-Step a fair trade (NGO) organization. Look at the dresses of the women. Early in the video is a good close-up of women tying a symmetrical knot typical of Afghan weaving.

Making A Rug In Afghanistan, video by Paul Briney

A film created by a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) at a site outside Kabul, showing the steps in making a hand-knotted rug on a small scale.

George W. O’Bannon, An Irishman In Friendly Disguise by Donald N. Wilber

Oriental Rug Review, 1993 "We had the pleasure of meeting George and Helen O'Bannon in 1964 when he worked for the American friends of the Middle east, an influential organization in which we had a strong interest."

Habibullah Kerimi Making A Life And Rugs In Exile by Chris Walter

Oriental Rug Review, 1995 "These are not the people who present glossy ads proclaiming their own superiority, who reserve to themselves and to their companies all credit for producing beautiful rugs, but rather those producers who live and work in the country of origin of the rugs."

A Look At The Word Tribal by Murray L. Eiland

February 1989 "Often our thinking becomes most muddled and imprecise around just those issues on which we feel most confident. Particularly during the last several decades, the term tribal rugs has come into wide usage both as a description to set certain pieces apart from urban rugs and to give them a particular cachet, a stamp of special significance."

Jora by Chris Walter

Oriental Rug Review, 1993 "There are no other people on earth for whom rugs, rug making, and the whole culture of rugs are more central to their existence and perception than the Turkomans. There is scarcely a Turkoman family to be found, at least among those from Afghanistan, where the women don't weave and the men are not involved in rug trade in some way."

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Women, Afghanistan, the Future by Roz Rustigian

“I believe that to educate a man is to educate only one person, but to educate a woman is to educate a family. Women make up more than half of Afghan society and are the ones who shape the minds and lives of future generations.”

Marcella Fine Rugs NEW Brighton Collection at AmericasMart 

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