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One Design by Creative Matters – Multiple Applications and Colorations

Initially designed in 2008 for Creative Matters' Aerial Collection, Nova is frequently requested by designers and their clients. The versatile design reinvents itself not...

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ZOOMing and Post-Pandemic Predictions for Selling Rugs

For the past two weeks, my days have been filled  ZOOMing and INSTAGRAMing.  I have gone to High Point and Atlanta.  I have been...

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3 Industry Icons Recall the Last Half Century

An email announcing the Grogan and Co. auction of the Opie Collection on January 31st sparked this story.   James Opie, Leslie Stroh and Michael Grogan,...


Creative Matters Functions in Disaster and Finishes in Style

Normally, we do not publish in almost its entirety any release from a rug vendor -- and certainly not on our curated web site....

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On Goods: Turkoman Carpets Of Afghanistan By James Tufenkian

"Until two or three years ago, Afghan carpets meant the red elephant foot carpets which were represented by the large, coarse, unwashed red carpets made of low grade wool, said to be especially popular as a nesting place for moths..."

In an article written for Rug News Magazine in 1982, James Tufenkian summarized the latest trends in Turkoman carpets from Afghanistan.


Augmented Reality Will Fundamentally Change the Rug Industry

Augmented Reality from the New York Times Just after Rug News andDesign wrote about Augmented Reality, on page 15, the New York Times announced a new...

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Is Sotheby’s Selling Rugs Again?

Sotheby’s recently  bought a company called Viyet, which is selling rugs Direct to Designers (D2D). We looked at the press release; we looked at the...

Video: Teppich-Samimi, Berlin, Germany

During a recent visit to Berlin, Rug News andDesign spoke with Arwin Samimi, owner of Teppich-Samimi, a rug store on Bismarckstraße in Charlottenburg.

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