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The Rug Market NEW Ecconox collection acrylic hand-tufted rug

The Rug Market's beautiful impressionistic design brings hand-tufted construction into this acrylic rug. The abstract design and bright colors work well with this distinct...

Everything looks nicer on a rug- even a birthday bike and...

Everything looks nicer on a rug- even a birthday bike and presents. HBT the boy who before age 4 has seen more to do with the rug trade and retailing then most young adults. #handknotted #arearug #rug #lifestyle #nextgeneration #livingroom #interiordesign #design #homedecor #weavingthruamerica #family #rugnewsanddesign #familyroom #lifestyles

Social Responsibility Defined: Kaleen

Joe Barkley from Kaleen sent us and a lot of other media outlets a press release announcing their certification to SA8000®. “I believe this to be the single most important honor a manufacturer should strive to receive and we are extremely proud of the recognition of over forty years of achievement for our manufacture team and the dedication and commitment of the Rathi Family”, said Joe Barkley, Executive Vice President of Kaleen, “Kaleen’s social commitment has been a primary focus since Mr. Rathi started the company in 1964.”