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Mad Mats NEW Doodles Outdoor Rug at AmericasMart 

This wonderful outdoor rug is part of the outdoor collection, made from the highest quality, 100% recycled polypropylene (plastic milk jugs, containers, etc.) enriched...

Kabul: Rug Making and Finishing (Part 1)

"This article starts in a Turkish bath, a “hamam”, and the “hamam” starts with a Roman bath a millennium earlier. While this must seem an odd place to start, Kabul at 5,900 feet altitude has snow on the ground all winter. Mazar e Sharif at 1290 feet does not but stays about freezing, and Peshawar Pakistan (80% flooded) at about 1200 feet averages 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter."

NEW Collection at Nourison at High Point

The new Calvin Klein collection at Nourison incorporates a special dyeing process that gives each rug a unique patina. Made 100% from New Zealand...