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NEW WMC Las Vegas Central Oriental Vintage Collection Bold Design

This beautiful mix of gorgeous colors certainly lives up to its name, Bold Design. This collection comes in 12 styles, and is made of...

August 2012 Rug News andDesign

Featuring… Retailing – Retailing New York — by Jack Maier Designers’ Notebook – Eileen R. Corbin and Stephen & Gail Huberman Observations – Retailer Interview: Building Traffic — By Leslie Stroh andDesign – Flat Woven Rugs — By Sarah Stroh Collections – 36 pictures of new products from various vendors

June 2014 Rug News andDesign

Observations — By Leslie Stroh & Sarah Stroh The Power Of Warehouse Sales — By Sarah Stroh The Wash: Viscose 2 — By Leslie Stroh Designers’ Notebook – Linda Castle and Jason Bailey