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New Auskin Icelandic Sheepskin Rug at NYIGF

New Auskin Icelandic Sheepskin Rug at NYIGF. This rug is completely natural and undyed with a leather backing.

Pile Rugs Of The Baluch And Their Neighbors Part III by...

July 1985 "These designs are popular everywhere between China and Mesopotamia, and they reflect early religious ideas, which different ethnic groups had in common. For example, symbols were used to invoke the cosmological order. Rain at the wrong time, floods and droughts disrupted this order and were the work of bad demons to these early hunters, plant-gatherers, and cattle-raising nomads."

NEW WMC Jaipur Rugs Maroc Collection style 196238

This black and white series really stands out. Made of 100% wool with a flat weave in India, it comes in 5 sizes, 2'x3'...