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Tulu’s Collection, Sultanham LLC at AmericasMart Atlanta

Can Horoz & Mehmet Temel Tulu's Collection made in Turkey wool on wool double hand knotted in 10 different styles, customized as liked.

Express & Silkshine, AMER Rugs at AmericasMart Atlanta

Joe Barkley  Empress Collection Turkish hand knotted styles with standard sizes that could be custom sized. Washed oushaks, blended wool and viscose fine material. Silkshine Collection Wool...

Serapi & Herati, Romani Rugs, LLC at AmericasMart Atlanta 

This new collection comes in 5 different color combinations, hand knotted, custom sized.

Stone Washed, Marco Polo Oriental Rugs at AmericasMart Atlanta

Osman Azet & Abdullah Khaja Stone Washed Collection is an existing collection with new colors added like baby blue silver, with an antique look made...

Turkish Oushak, Aytek Rug at AmericasMart Atlanta 

This new collection is made in Turkey with 100% wool has 200 thousand custom looks. Cuma Altinsoy, Ayhan Teker & Ugar Altinsoy.

Contemporary & Traditional, ModRen Rugs at AmericasMart Atlanta 

Jeffrey Soleimani The Contemporary Collection comes in 35 designs and can be customized. Made in Nepal, using wool and silk. The transitional collection made in...

Tarkan, Four Hands at AmericasMart Atlanta

Tarkan Collection Patchwork rug, 100% wool antique and vintage Turkish rugs. Sizes range from 5x8 to 10x14, Antique rugs that are cut and patched...

Horizon-Flat Weave and Lulu, Michaelian & Kohlberg at AmericasMart Atlanta

Horizon-Flat Weave Collection made in Afghanistan has 10 new styles, offered in custom sizes with 8 different designs. This is done with Wool & Cotton...

Hazara Kilim, Ariana Rugs Inc. at AmericasMart Atlanta 

Alishah Alex Ahmadi Hazara Kilim Collection made in Afghanistan with Natural Wool hand spun, all styles can be customized as the client likes, amazing quality...

Antique & Distressed Silk Oushak, ELIKO at AmericasMart Atlanta

Solomon Bassalely & Dena Richardson All these new collections can be customized as you like. Antique Collection comes in 12 new styles, traditional and contemporary...

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Visiting a wallcovering producer whose main machine is from 1899 is not much different than visiting a hand knotted rug manufacturer. Both entail small production runs, highly skilled craftspeople, a large design studio, and constraints on design, size, and colors.

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