Marjorie Hill

Marjorie Hill Walks The Market and writes on andDesign topics for Rug News andDesign Magazine.

Tissage Displays Asian Inspiration at the Rug Show @ Javits

Tissage's Anya collection refers to antique Asian textiles for its inspiration. Using various blends of silk and wool, as well as different weaving techniques...

Mobayen Rugs at the Rug Show @ Javits

Mobayen uses hand woven bamboo silk to create custom rugs such as this hand painted fantasy piece.

Caravan Rug Corp at the Rug Show @ Javits

Two new rug collections from Caravan. One traditional and another contemporary. . . The Bamyan collection features traditional styles, all hand made carpets while the contemporary...

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Guatemalan “Alfombras” (Carpets) — Street Decorations for Holy Week

We found, on a site called, these wonderful photos of "carpets" that Guatemalans create for Holy Week (Easter week). They explain: "In Guatemala, the Mayan tradition of creating elaborate “carpets” (alfombras) of feathers and flowers for kings to walk upon, meshed with these religious processions to create a colorful tradition that has been part of Guatemalan culture ever since."

NEW Bold Print at Codarus at High Point

Fierce, but elegant. Pairs perfect with gold. This hook wool rug is a statement piece in the Dash and Albert Collection.

Entryways USA UNIQUE Doormats Collection at AmericasMart

Entryways doormats are handmade by locals in Kerala, the most southern state in India. This is a vital cottage industry, providing a fair and...