Graham Stroh

Graham Stroh, the Associate andDesign Editor, blogs at markets in the U.S. and overseas for Rug News andDesign.

@Dometex: Javi Wows with Their Hand Stitched Rug

Walking the halls at Domotex the challenge is keep seeing through the repetitiveness and recognize when something pops. That was not a problem with...

A walk through Oriental Weavers’ Space at DOMOTEX

Rug News andDesign stopped in at the huge Oriental Weavers area at Domotex 2015 in Hannover on Sunday. Right from the beginning we knew...

Video: Trends at Heimtextil

Instagram video from the floor at Heimtextil January 2015.

Heimtextil 2015, texture is everywhere

Heimtextil 2015 celebrates bold textures on furniture, walls, and floors.

Yebane at market with rich and bold at Heimtextil

Yebane designs and manufactures printed and dyed fabrics for upholstery and furnishings.

Heimtextil: Dream Home Carpets

Formerly known as Jainsons Exports Dream Home Carpet was busy when we swung by.

Texture is everywhere at Heimtextil

Texture is everywhere at heimetextil most noticeably in the over the top wallpapers. Carpets haven't been left out with. The J. R. Exports Ltd...

Bright Colors From Abbas Nashburi at Heimtextil

The bright colors worked for me:      

Getting started at Heimetextil 2015 in Frankfurt Germany

Just getting started at heimetextil 2015. I have seen 3 of the 17 floors.

8 Must Haves in a Press Release for Home Furnishings

At Rug News andDesign we receive a lot of press releases from the home furnishing industry touting all sorts of new home furnishings, new hires, and showroom openings. We have even launched a sister website to feature these announcements, people of the industry, and the events that occur, at

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NEW Africa, Maison and Resort collection from The Rug Market America...

The Rug Market America comes with many new designs, and incorporated into this year's show various modern designs within their regular rugs and within...

Tibetano New for Spring 2012 Tie Dye Rug at ICFF

Tibetano New for Spring 2012 Tie Dye Rug at ICFF, flatwoven of 100% wool in a variety of colorways, handwoven and then tie dyed...

FIT Entry 19: Warp & Weft/Fashion Institute of Technology student rug...

Shown online for each entry is the collage type story board with an explanation of the thought process by the entrant attached (blow up...