Graham Stroh

Graham Stroh, the Associate andDesign Editor, blogs at markets in the U.S. and overseas for Rug News andDesign.

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Bonus perk of @americasmartatl July Market– it is Peach, Blueberry and...

Bonus perk of @americasmartatl July Market-- it is Peach, Blueberry and BlackBerry season. route 23 heading towards Asheville, NC. #atlmkt #summer #lifestyle #jaemorfarms #peach #blackberry #blueberries now how do we get the mart to bring peaches to eat to the show! #knowyourfarmer #weavingthruamerica

Harounian NEW Epic Collection at AmericasMart

This Epic Collection by Harounian is truly Epic! Wonderful blend of New Zealand Wool and pure silk into a unique abstract design. Expert hand...