Graham Stroh

Graham Stroh, the Associate andDesign Editor, blogs at markets in the U.S. and overseas for Rug News andDesign.

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Bungalow NEW PET DESIGN and HEAVENLY Collections at AmericasMart

PET DESIGN is a perfect collection for pet lovers. A machine washable, inside cover porch design, brings in great colors and animal images. While...

Settling into the Louisville campsite– hail is expect, put our @yubabicycle...

Settling into the Louisville campsite-- hail is expect, put our @yubabicycle on the porch of the cabin, the #momenirug makes it feel like home. Home for the next three days. #outdoor rug #rugmakesithome #outdoorrug #homedecor #decor #design #yubabicycle #louisville #weavingthruamerica

Beautiful Captivating Vignettes during this summer market at AmericaSmart Atlanta

This summer market was a very special market for me, since aside from taking a look at some of our client's new design trends...