Rugs in Rooms

Feizy Rug

This project isn’t about building a room for photography or paying a design staff. At dinner one night I took some pictures with my iPhone. I am not a photographer, but I did take high resolution photos. I then asked some vendors for head-on product photos that are ubiquitous in catalogs.

I could be a retailer or a designer that wanted to show a consumer what a rug looked like in their room. Instead of lending the customer the rug with shipping or delivery charges we put a rug in these rooms using virtual reality. This technology showcases a way to quickly test colors and designs to find the rugs that do and don’t work in a space, and it costs less then white glove delivery charges.

It took a few days, but I recieved photos rendered from a 3-D room, built from the orriginal flat photo, with a 3-D rug swapped in at a reasonable cost and at a high enough quality for print publication. This technolgoy is more involved that having a graphic artist use photoshop, but once the room is rendered its is a trivial to swap in multiple rugs as we did with the kitchen example. Of course changing the wall colors is also an option as shown with the couch nook photos.

At Rug News andDesign we are exploring how virtualization can be made to show rugs in the context of a room, affordably.


Dalyn Rug (top) and Trans Ocean Rug (bottom)
Spicher Rug