“We are … discussing potential creative uses for the space….”  Carol Sebert,  of Creative Matters, wrote in January, about the 1000 square feet of operating space acquired in September.  And so CM enlisted walls into the creative process of color selection with:

A Wall of Poms in Plastic Boxes

The studio is set up so the designers (and visiting clients) have ready access to the thousands of colours of yarn to help our clients achieve the look they are seeking. The process of selecting colours for floor coverings starts with small samples of dyed yarn called “poms.” Colours seen on a computer screen or on paper do not accurately render colours as they will actually appear once they are produced at the carpet mill. Poms are the only way to understand the colours we need to achieve.

CM has more than 10,000 colours of poms stored in clear plexiglass containers in our “pom wall.” When choosing colours for a project, the designer pulls appropriate colours from the pom wall. Once she has made her decisions, she assembles a “pom board” with small poms to show the client the colours that will be in the final floorcovering. The client can then use this board to compare the anticipated colours of their carpet to other finishes


The Yarn Walls

To assemble the pom board, the designer will make use of yarn from our recently constructed “yarn wall.” In addition to its practical use, the yarn wall is a beautiful and colourful addition to the studio.