During the last weeks of 2019, We Make Carpets built a new installation at the Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi.
The process of installing the work displayed the aesthetics of communal work and creativity, creating patterns without guidelines and restrictions.  A communal effort, the visitors created three walls of the pavilion. Once built, the walls held the collective creativity of the citizens and visitors of Abu Dhabi.
During the seven days of Al Hosn Festival, the visitors worked on the completion of the Woven Pavillion. We Make Carpets had already made one wall of the pavilion, the rest was up to the visitors.
Starting only 50 centimeters from the floor on day 1, the bus on which the chain Lins hung were raised every day.  Until after 7 days it reached 4 meters.  By that time, our 300,000 chain links were connected by the visitors. The cubical woven pavilion was thus completed.