Jaipur Living makes and sells beautiful rugs, as do many manufacturers.

What makes Jaipur different is the passion that has guided the company from two small looms to affecting the lives of 40,000 artisans.

Buried deep in their web sites are pictures and exciting videos not only about the process of rug making, but the about the people who create the rugs.

You will see how the Jaipur Rug Foundation brings the realization of hope through education and employment to remote villages.


This looks like a carpet, an exquisite carpet, but don’t merely get mesmerized by its looks – for it is food, electricity and school fee for thousands of artisans in India.   It is Durga Devi’s hope to build her child’s future.

Because the stories are buried, here are quick links to some of those stories.  As you wander around the site, you will find many more engaging stories.  Have Fun.


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