There are more than 200 US Cities where the median price of a home has crossed the million dollar threshold, according to a number of reports

Biltmore Forest, NC $10,750,000

These cities should be ripe for high end rug sales. From a marketing perspective the richer the owner the more disposable income. Median home price is a good indicator of disposable income. (Median means half the homes above the number cost more, and half the homes below the number cost less.)

Not surprisingly, in terms of locations, California leads the way followed by New York, and the New York metro market area which includes New Jersey and Connecticut. New York City also has co-ops and condominiums well above the million dollar threshold.

Malibu, Ca. $19,950,00

Putting aside California (111 cities) and New York, (30 cities) the list is useful for targeting the rest of the country. Find the zip code, and you can find everything you need to know about the location. Search rugs near me using the zip code of the million dollar market city, and you will find a lot of people selling rugs.


Bedroom, Malibu, Ca $19,950,000

Outside of California and NY there are 59 other cities with million dollar median home markets in existing million dollar median homes.

The Wall Street Journal published a sortable list from Zillow that has all the information needed. year Zillow announced that they expected 23 more cities to join the list.


Within any one city retailers and design firms can buy direct mail distribution from the USPS by carrier route based on income levels per route or vendors can support their customers with targeted consumer marketing.


To a large degree, I think the model is the local and regional auction business. They are moving rugs, perhaps not at the prices sellers would like to see but collectively they are providing pricing information.