The Novogratz team designs a rug line for Momeni, plus the large Novogratz family is hard on rugs. And so Cortney has probably thought more about the use of rugs in settings than the average designers. Link to the complete article to read her ideas, they are good.


  • The higher the foot traffic the lower the pile: don’t put a shag in the front hall.
  • Accent Rugs in a kitchen or an entry way are ways to explore creativity. Switch them in and out depending on your mood or the seasons.
  • Be Bold with Large rugs in bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms, create the foundation on which to build the room.

Read the article Big Bold and So Outside the Box  page 17 in the July 2019 issue of Rug News andDesign Magazine July, 2018 about how Cortney Novogratz thinks about designing for spaces.