View from Ojai Tuesday Afternoon

It’s been a scary week for Rug News andDesign.  Less than 6 hours after sending the December issue to the printer, Sarah, her husband, 6 year old son, Ophelia, the family dog, and 5 residents of the assisted living facility next door plus their two cats, dog with 3 walkers strapped to the top of the trailer left Ojai for safer ground.

Refugees North of Santa Barbara

They camped out in a field north of Santa Barbara using the Red Cross shelter to take showers and use the Internet.  The fire got within blocks of their home on Thursday night,  but a favorable wind allowed a back burn up the mountain and the house was saved.

View of Pacific from Campsite

On Sunday, Sarah’s husband went back to work in LA and to assess if it is possible to get their house free of ash by Christmas.  With the air quality getting worse as the fires spread to Santa Barbara, Sarah, son and dog drove North to Napa Valley to stay with friends (their house did not burn earlier in the fall).