Founded and curated by Jean Lin, Colony is a community of independent furniture, lighting, textiles and objects designers coming together on a New York City stage (324 Canal Street – 2nd Floor – New York, NY 10013)

to celebrate American design with an international audience.

Lands Rug

“Floor” / Rug Category –  The GRAIN Team, Chelsea and James Minola, designed The Land, a wool braided rug inspired by aerial views of towns and fields.




Shaved Cowhide Rug

Meg Callahan, primarily a quilt maker, created the Shaved Cowhide Collection as an s an experiment in creating textural, material sensitive patterns. Each each hide is designed in respect to the individual hide’s characteristics (color, hair length, shape, etc)

THE JOURNAL , Family Ties, a poetically Zen blog celebrating the motivations of the designers.  The writing is good and the pictures are better, however it is a bit etherial.