There wouldn’t be rugs without homes.  People live in a variety of homes, which they lovingly furnish in different ways.  We at Rug News andDesign will share with you Houses that are Homes and we love, in the same manner that we share rugs we love

Mrs Vanderbilt’s Bedroom

The first house is  Biltmore House with which I have had a love affair as long as I can remember.  During World War II, my grandparents frequently drove me to “The Estate” to peek through the curtains at sleeping men guarding the paintings from the National Gallery moved from Washington for safety.

Tapestry Gallery

As a 7 year old, my best friend and I spent most afternoons playing through out Biltmore House pretending we lived there; our imaginations enhanced by stories told by our friends, the guards.

Winter Garden

Later taking a History of Architecture course, I endured the professor panning the robber baron houses. “Newport is nothing but a housing development of bad taste.”  I steeled myself for a sarcastic critique of Biltmore House.  The picture flashed up on the screen, and he said, “Hunt got it right at last!”


William A.V. Cecil Dies at 89

We just heard that William A.V.Cecil died at the age of 89.
“Big Bill”, to distinguish him from his son “Little Bill”, had the vision and the ingenuity to convert an expensive white elephant into a delightful destination. He poured all profits back into “The Estate.”   “Little Bill” took Biltmore over from his father 20 years ago and continue to renovate and innovate.  Today, Biltmore is light years past where it was when I had the run of the place at the age of 7! Link to the Obituary in the Asheville Citizen

The pictures shown here are from Biltmore’s web site.

Capel’s Biltmore Classics -Floral Bidjar

Capel has a line of rugs “inspired” by Biltmore.