Tunis TK Beige Green –

Since the dim dark past, Tamarian has been known forsubtly blended colors such as grays, blues, and greens to form a unique design. (See Zoon Brasil by Tamarian, April 2013)At High Point, I was shocked by two designs that took at radical turn.  The explanation was “Since we got everyone to copy us, we decided to start a new trend.)

Foolsday TK Green

The “traditional” design is Tunis TK Beige Green – It is woven in with a “Twisted Knot” of 100%  Hand-Carded Single Ply Tibetan Wool.  This quality employs a triple wash/triple dye process, resulting in a varied color saturation and unique texture.  This particular design was created by one of their Nepal designers.  He focused on an older traditional design and gave it a modern touch with some strategically placed distress and brighter  color palette.

The floral rug, Foolsday TK Green,  uses the same TK construction but with 60% Tibetan wool and 40% Chinese silk.    The design has a nice perspective to it and emulates a Monet style.