Leslie Stroh, left and Len Andalino, right at the Couristan Cafe in High Point, 2017

Leslie Stroh has spent 4 days walking and talking to old friends and new at the High Point Fall Market. Here are his very cryptic remarks:

Fear of Amazon and the Internet has passed away, and the race to the bottom is over for most vendors.

2018 will be the Year of Technology as more technology vendors will produce offerings, and more rug vendors will become technology driven.

Wool machine made rugs will start replacing wool tufted rugs available for retail, even as the quality of wool for the middle market tufted remains good.


Viscose is here to stay, and there will be more and more viscose products on the market, probably as blends.

Knotted rugs will be making a comeback in 2019 as technology changes the marketing process in 2018.

Nasser Rahmanan, Masterlooms, whose showroom faced the bottom of the escalator in what is now InterHall in IHFC, passed away as this year’s market began. Mr. Rahaman introduced fashion to the Oriental Rug business, and worked with Oriental Weavers to design some of the first Oriental Rug machine woven designs with them. He was an industry leader, visionary and friend to many. “