Feizy Crayola Vignette

Home Fashions Week seems to be all about “impulse buys” of short lived products — sheets, towels, mats, etc.  So the exhibitors let down and have fun.  This year (2017) they seem to be competing as to which one of them can throw the most caution aside and have the most fun encouraging the end user to also throw all caution to the wind and buy because “I just couldn’t leave the store without it.”

Feizy – Crayola Rug

Never mind the cost; the rugs are so inexpensive that within a few months, the customer has no qualms about  indulging his/her impulses again.

Feizy, collaborated with  Siscovers to release a new line of Crayola™-branded products.  Rugs, throws, pillows, bed spreads — the whole lot in amazing colors.  It was as if IKEA had gone wild with great colors.

G.A. Gertmenian Marvel Comics

Walking into the G.A. Gertmenian, a Captain America Rug from their Marvel Collection welcomes you. And for the homeowner who is unable to grow grass, the Slat Mat Collection would work beautifully over dirt and must be cheaper than sod.



Home Dynamix – Erix Carle

Home Dynamix licensed Eric Carle (of The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to create a whole collection from rugs, to pillows, to bed covers.

Rugs America went all out with animals — the cat mats being my absolute favorite.


Dynamic Rugs

Dynamic Rugs

Dynamic Rugs had a line of polyester mats which feel like cotton with wonderful child friendly designs.  They are available up to a 5’x8′ The cost is so user friendly, don’t even bother to wash them, throw out the dirty rug  and buy a new fresh design.