Lucille Laufer & Danny Shafian
Cameron Capel & Sarah Stroh

The market is over; I, Sarah Stroh, am back from AmierciasMart and the chatter is chattering — “What’s new?” “What’s changed?”    “What?”    To start, the most important person in the business of rugs is the ultimate consumer. Everything must be seen through her eyes.  The days of “sell it and forget it” are over.

Short runs, seasonal introductions, color at the lower price points and at the very highest — greyge in between.

Branding is more and more important.

Bedding, Wall Coverings, high design mats — and rugs are categories for the accessory markets.


Continued price and margin pressure. Vendors not already in the high volume price sensitive business will face challenges. The Internet is a fearsome place to make money as the mass merchants know.

Printing and Fiber are the new frontiers just check out the 73 plus pictures on  Walking the Market. The pictures look good. Positioning all those products will be a challenge.

Offline retailing (Bricks and Mortar) is the new frontier for online retailing.  They are serious about Supply Chain Management.

Building traffic for your offline sellers (retailers or designers) is going to be the number 1 challenge going forward. The days of sell it and forget it are over.