The Hooked Rug Museum is an increasingly large repository of the history, the art, the knowledge and yes, the enthusiasm that a dedicated group of volunteers across Canada and the US have for hooked rugs.  The museum collects, exhibits and preserves the heritage of hand-hooked rugs and artifacts used in the making of fibre art. It researches the history of this art, presents it in an accurate manner and also encourages future development of the art.

It is a live collection which appears to be increasing rapidly, as rug hookers collaborate and celebrate the art of hooking

Compass Rose Rug hooked with naturally dyed burlay on burlap

There are a number of exhibits, the most comprehensive is: Interprettive Centre  which focuses on the beginning of rug hooking in North America.  Visitors to the museum will learn the names of famous rug hooking artists.  Names like Burnham, Frost, Turner, Tremblay, Mowat, Garrett and many more.

Magnificant old rugs hooked with flax, jute, burlap on burlap, wool, etc., many of the materials dyed with natural dyes adorn the walls.


Women of Chester defending their village of during the War of 1812.

The Founder’s Gallery  is being created loop by loop, in rug hooking terminology, as volunteers from the the United Sates and Canada hook rug art by hand (just as in the days gone by) to commemorate the period of “colonial conflagration” in the development of the “art of survival”.

Fibre Arts Market

The Fibre Art Market is the museum’s shop with everything the hooker could possibly want from kits, to reference books, to materials to Christmas decorations.

Location: 98549 Highway #3, Hubbards, Nova Scotia.  Telephone: 1-902-858-3060

Hours:  Opens May 6th; weekends only

June 1 – October 7, 10 am to 5:00 pm