Wonderful Country Collection- Men in Elegant Clothes

Skinwall, an Italian firm, has the ability to generate the wall in real time with 3 steps:

1) Chose the design from 4 collections.The website also allows customers to select the exact part of the design they want to order, cutting out the decoration any way they like.

Contemporary Collection – Casablanca

2) Indicate the dimensions up to a maximum of 9 meters (29 feet) width by 5.4 meters  (17 feet) height.

3) After making all the alterations, customers are asked to enter their data to proceed with printing and, when their request is sent to the Skinwall sales office, the company prepares to send them an offer within two working days.


Fragments of the Past Collection- Piero Della Francesca
Fragments of the Past Colletion- Homage to Durer

Skinwall has four collections for a total of over 140 different designs:

  • Contemporary design: a unique and original style in perfect harmony between classical and contemporary taste, inspired by Nature’s shapes, by the strong coloured Persian ceramics and by the delicate shapes of the Japanese prints.
  • Fragment of the past: the collection takes its inspiration from the great masters of the past, who are, still today, considered real trendsetters and innovators in the world of Art.This Designer Wallpaper takes shape from the works of Piero della Francesca, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Albrecht Dürer and Henri Rousseau; the graphic interpretation of these masterpieces transforms the interior decoration in a charming and timeless fresco.
  • Contemporary Collection: Bad Romance
    ntegrate Collection- White Stitch WV4017

    Integrate: this collection has been created thanks to the cooperation with architects and designers with the aim to achieve an integrated approach with interior decorations. The 12 subjects of the collection used for the decoration of the walls are harmonised with the same colour, texture and style of the floors. Furthermore, thanks to digital printing techniques, wallpapers can be enriched with graphic designs creating a unique, original and customized project.

  • Wonderful Country Colletion – St Peter’s Square

    Wonderful Country from the prestigious Alinari Archives in Florence, 26 of the most fascinating historical photographs of Italian treasures, known and loved all over the world representing an homage to the most evocative corners of the Bel Paese.

Plus, they can implement your design.