Gabby showing Leslie the Soho Line
Leslie and Gabby talking about changes in the rug industry

Rugs are fun. Change is fun. Bokara Rugs is a major vendor with production flexibility. I first saw the new Soho knotted line in High Point. When I stopped in the other day, a customer had asked for a custom color in Soho at High Point, and they showed me the strike-off. That is customer service—six weeks.

I was also interested in another basic problem, rugs wider than 10 feet. They were able to show me hand woven Jacquard flatwoven that was 14 wide, and could be 16, and available in multiples. Making two rugs of the same design in the same color is not easy for every supplier. Making all sizes of the same design and the same color is even more “not easier”.

For me, it is fun to see it happening.