Displaying a variety of product in your store is not the same as seeing product displayed during market. You can take away some great ideas from showroom displays. If you were too focused on buying during market to remember all the display possibilities that is ok; we are here to help.

Window Display: Narrow space need to fill a wall. Take a look at Nourison’s display. The rug is hanging from the wall. A rug on the floor in this instance would be overlooked by passing foot traffic.

Dressing Up A Rug Rack: Use mirrors and fresh flowers to reflect the feeling of home around a rug rack. Give a space to sit and reflect on the color choices.


Furniture and Rugs: Use rugs to define space and the style of the furniture. Chandra ties in from the floor up through rug, furniture and light. Karastan/Mohawk Home displays use rugs as backdrops to the vignette. They hang rugs from the ceiling as display space. They think outside the box.


Home Décor: When the rug is second or even third on your main product sales, use rugs to push your other product. Take a look at Karastan’s turtle lamp – the rug looks like wallpaper. It sets the lamp and side board up nicely. Barre & Co is a candle company. They have set a mood with the rug under the table. If that mood speaks to your customer, they might want the rug.

Color: Every market there is talk about the hot color. How do you express the hot color with out over doing it in your retail space? Take a look a Kravet’s display- simple, not over stated, expresses the trending color but does not take away from the overall showroom.


From the showroom, to someone’s home, it is our job to turn the products into stories for someone else’s life currently being revitalized; and expressed as a Global Lifestyle.

What is the global lifestyle décor? Is it Tribal? Is it Boho Chic? The looks are similar and unique. Often times the same products just presented differently can/will appeal to the same customer looking for a different looks under the Global Lifestyle.


Speaking with Dann Foley, Interior Designer of DANN INC., he said about ‘Global Style’ “it usually denotes a mix of product that includes the refined with the casual or handmade. It speaks as much to a way of living and surrounding ones self with a curated group of meaningful and varied items; items which tell a story both literally and figuratively.”

“For me personally the Global Lifestyle does not have to be about a grand tour but, about a willingness to embrace, understand and study what makes all cultures fascinating and desirable. That extends itself to new way of seeing and experiencing ones surroundings. We all make choices about the way we live and the things we live with, this is the essence of living well.

Rizzy Home

Jane Dagmi, Editorial Director of Steelyard, enjoys the Global Lifestyle especially if it is juxtaposed with more formal-traditional. Her take on global design is as follows: “Tribal Décor fits this category, décor made with exotic materials from faraway lands, décor that features patterns rife with cultural or religious symbolism from international cultures. Boho encompasses global style too, and has crossover elements with tribal like sheepskin, rope, and bold color. I also think that Boho can veer toward the psychedelic American hippie. It’s like tie-dye vs. batik…two similar techniques and aesthetic. Batik is the “global” version by virtue of its origin. In general, tribal, to me, feels more neutral, more primitive. Boho more decorated, jewel and acid toned.”

Barre & Co

“From the ground up, the feeling of a global lifestyle can be expressed through a rug to the lights in the room. Pulling together the look in your retail space can be a mix of tribal, Boho or any culture that speaks to your customer.”