Sand Dune by Capel Rugs
Sand Dune
by Capel Rugs

Known as a movement in the arts that aims to break with classical and traditional forms, modernism has always been a big part of any design industry. In the rug industry, modern shapes and designs have a significant role as it comes in various trend waves offering beautiful geometric and abstract designs fitting in perfectly with the contemporary lifestyle.

Classic Filigree Stone by New Moon Rugs
Classic Filigree Stone
by New Moon Rugs

Modern rugs are a perfect solution when you want to add a personal touch to your room. A contemporary rug will be able to brighten up your indoors, while still reflect a modern design that may match the fresh, and eclectic style of any home.

Sierra Blue by Tufenkian Rugs
Sierra Blue
by Tufenkian Rugs

Ensure that you are selecting the perfect match for your needs, by keeping in mind style, size, color, texture and the atypical shapes that the modern rug design world offers. Thankfully you can find an ample selection of design styles and choices within the industry. Once you find the perfect rug to fit your needs, you can ensure that it will become the main attraction of your indoor space, mostly because of their often unpredictable color schemes, unusual shapes, and fabric blends.

Matrix by Concord Global
by Concord Global

Contemporary rugs are the perfect choice for any modern style home or any minimalistic style office space. Vibrant and usually easy to maintain, these rugs can enhance the appeal of your indoor space, they are sometimes perfect conversation starters, and you can never describe them as boring. Whether you choose a monochromatic scheme or a more distinctive and abstract design, be able to represent your uninhibited freedom of expression.


Hilda Collection by Artistic Weavers
Hilda Collection
by Artistic Weavers

Inspired by trend-breaking shades, pop-art, stylized layouts, geometric shapes and textures and the fact of the matter is that these rugs are certainly the hippest types of rugs that you could find on the market, making them for sure the ideal match for any modern ambiance.

This article originally appeared in the October 2016 Rug News and Design Magazine