What markets and design centers do you attend?
I attend the High Point Market, ADAC in Atlanta, as well as the Decoration & Design Building and the New York Design Center when I am in New York.

Do you have a favorite fiber or style of rug?
Wool is my favorite fiber, primarily because it is the most resilient. You can also get a lot of different looks from a wool rug, from a flat weave to an Oushak, to blended with viscose for a more formal look. It has good wearability, is great for families, and can fit many price points.

Do you buy many custom rugs?
I do buy many custom rugs. Custom options are ideal when I’m working with a specific pattern and am able to plug in specific color selections to fit a room perfectly. Custom sizes are also important when working with a specific size space for a client.

Has easy access to the market via the internet affected your business?
With more access to the rug market via the internet, I find that clients are more informed when it comes to rug options – fibers, styles, etc. Clients are also more likely to price shop knowing you can find almost anything on the internet these days.


Do you discuss quality versus price with your customers?
Yes, I always advise quality over quantity. It’s worth spending a little more on something that will stand the test of time, over something that may end up needing to be replaced in a few years.

Want to see more?
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