Rug News andDesign has become a Media Partner of the Decorative Furnishings Association. Their Mission Statement:

The Decorative Furnishings Association is a non-profit trade organization committed to the health, growth and future of professional interior design.

See their website at

We at RUG NEWS andDESIGN support their mission statement and will do everything we can to further their educational cause, including increasing the promotion of our website called


The in-print Designers’ Notebook has been renamed Designers’ Notebooks, and the over 120 Designers who have participated will be given increased prominence going forward.

RUG NEWS andDESIGN recognizes the “Transformative Power of Design” in a product, a room and in a building.

Members of the DFA consist of major “to the trade” showrooms, design centers, vendors, major consumer print publications, and others focused on design, design firms and designers.


Atlanta and Las Vegas provided more than 130 new introductions in

In reviewing the new introductions in Atlanta and Las Vegas, we saw a significant color difference in the rugs selected by the vendors for us to photograph. As usual our online readership went off the charts.