byRevealAt XRC Labs’ 2nd cohort presentations, an amazingly simple idea for a pop-up kiosk yielded, in test markets of one month, $6,000 per square foot. Instead of the design experience that we at Rug News andDesign talk about, byReveal talk about the retail discovery experience.

They are marketing an upscale fashion experience, one month at a time, in locations that they license from the ground owner. They do all the work, plus generate the sales data from an RFID based system.

Depending on configuration, the pop-up is 36 to under 50 square feet, configured to be shippable by Fedex Ground to obviously high traffic areas.

byReveal-2Clearly they designed it for women’s fashion, but we see it as a great way to test market lots of products. Not only do they track sales, but they can track “looks at” — to see what didn’t sell, but did get a look. We are talking real data based on consumer activity available to the manufacturer.


Their market is the “touch and feel” market, not the commodity online market, and not the retail sales floor anecdotal market. Within a large brick and mortar store, it would work as a test market for front door traffic.

Looking beyond women’s fashions, it can test colors in floor mats, quality samples in rugs with projected product visuals, and in mixing contents with different sections in a store. It moves easily. It ships inexpensively, so it can be used throughout a chain.

Everyone tells us that the key to upscale sales is “touch and feel.” We see in this display system a contained test market that can be used throughout a chain of stores, or in different locations within a store.