Furnishr-2At XRC Labs’ 2nd cohort presentations, Furnishr stood out because they curated design, focused on a prototype customer, and offered completed work—a completely designed one-day set-up of bedroom or living room in major US urban areas in 5-15 days.

Furnishr provided online an interactive room layout for a typical over-busy urban millennial technical type who was interested in results, with a predictable and modern white room look. From my observation, the only spot of color was the rug.

Furnishr 1Operating out of Canada, but with coverage in most major US urban centers, they source directly. Our take is that their prototype customer is young, well paid, and urban—and doesn’t want to assemble the room or the furniture themselves.

The system looks ideal for their target customer. You pick and choose online, see the room, see the package price, schedule delivery, and click the buy button. They coordinate delivery and set-up. White glove all the way.


The customer’s main job is to accurately measure the room, pick the furnishings, and pay the bill. The Furnishr online storefront is open 24/7 — available when the customer is ready to go shopping.