Cynthia_Hayes01aWhat markets do you attend?

I go to the Boston Design Center, where I like to visit Stark Carpet and J.D Staron. I do go to the High Point Market and NY Now, but seldom for rugs. I do buy a fair amount of rugs locally. Rustigian Rugs in Providence is just around the corner from me. The store has changed somewhat over the years, now offering more custom than before, but is always excellent.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber?

My style is mostly classic, fresh with a twist, not trendy, as timeless as you can be. I like the style to be simple. For fibers, I like linen and 100% wool, then generally flat weaves and sisal.

Do you purchase many custom rugs?

Yes, my business does purchase a lot of custom rugs, because my clients want something different. However, I generally don’t, although I can, put together my own designs. I like to keep it simple. You can’t always find exactly what you need in the market. I’ll go to a pattern and style I like, then possibly change the color slightly or change the size so it fits better in the room.

How has HOUZZ affected your interactions with your clients?

I have found it very helpful, particularly with my younger clients. They can send me ideabooks and pictures, so I have a better idea of what they like for a specific project. Houzz is definitely a good tool. I also use Pinterest, but my clients seem more familiar with Houzz. I generally don’t have clients that shop around. They come to me for my expertise and experience.


Do you discuss quality versus price with your clients?

Yes, I always discuss price, durability and quality with my clients. Price, of course, is pretty obvious, but then I like to share with them some information on stain resistance, or lack thereof, longevity, and other aspects of overall durability and quality. This way they can be aware of the differences in the rugs they are buying. Wool is great with stains, whereas sisal is not. Cotton rugs are just not as durable as other fibers. It will only last a few years. I feel it is important to share this with my clients.

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