Michelle_KU_-_DesignerWhat markets do you attend?

The Denver Design District is my number one go-to resource. The quantity and wide variety of showrooms offer everything I could ever need to design most any home – from the ground up. Every two to three years, I visit Market Week in High Point, NC.

Do you have a favorite style or favorite fiber?

I don’t really have a favorite style for rugs. As for fibers, new technology is really improving synthetic fiber. However, if it’s in the budget, you can’t beat a 100% wool rug. Wool’s properties: naturally antimicrobial, stain resistance, non-allergenic, and durability really make it hard to beat.

Have you found that Houzz affects your business?

Houzz is great resource for collaborating with my clients. I typically find that when someone says they want a modern (or what have you) room, their and my definition of modern might be completely different. So I have my client create idea books using the Houzz images that express the type of look they want to accomplish. That way we are on the same page, and it eliminates a lot of miscommunication and guess work.

Do you discuss rug quality versus price to your customers?

I always have price and quality discussions with my clients. At the beginning of the project, I always make it a point to determine my clients’ wants, needs, and goals. If they only want to make a style statement, I would show them completely different options from someone who wants an investment rug that can be handed down through the generations. All that matters is that in the end you work within budget to create a fantastic space.


Has this age of information changed the way you do business?

Yes. Clients are much more informed about and have much more access to products than they did in the past. Clients often come to the project with many more thoughts on what should be included. Because of that, I may have to spend more time educating them on why their selections might not necessarily be the best answer to their design needs. These changes have made it necessary to have more in-depth conversations before projects begin, to define roles and responsibilities and how product for the project will be sourced.

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