MauricioNavaWhat markets do you attend?

I attend High Point and Las Vegas markets. I will visit Houston Design Center on occasion, but not regularly. I find that I am able to get the same or similar items at a much better price for my clients when I order directly from the retailers.

Do you have a favorite style of rug?

I love a modern style, so I like to use rugs that have a modern, chic, unique design with good use of color and pattern. If I had to pick a favorite style it would be a hide rug. It’s very functional with every style of furniture, is usually reasonably priced, and looks very chic.

Do you purchase many custom rugs?

Yes, I purchase custom rugs when the client has the budget and the time. London Grey Rugs in Houston, Texas, is where I purchase most, if not all, of them. A custom rug gives the space a very unique, stylish, elegant and expensive look. In general, I prefer to use hand knotted, silk rugs that usually come from Tibet.

How is Houzz affecting your business?

Houzz is my number one source for new business. I get a number of new clients per week that found me directly on Houzz. I enjoy using it a lot, because it allows customers to see all the different projects I have done and answer any questions or concerns they might have about my projects or items used in my design. Houzz does not change the way I do business, but it does drastically increase my web traffic and generates a number of new clients on a monthly basis.


Do you find that the new Age of Instant Information has affected your business?

Yes, the new Age of Instant Information has allowed me and my clients to instantly be able to search and find what rugs are available, what different styles and colors its available in with the click of a mouse. It allows me and my clients to make decisions much faster and instantly be able to order each rug exactly in the size, color and style that we want.

Do you have any suggestions for dealers?

I would love for more dealers to carry a wider assortment of rugs, have a selection of traditional, transitional as well as modern rugs to chose from. Very few retailers if any carry a modern line of rugs.

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