David Phillips of D’LangeEmobile spoke during High Point Market about the benefits of texting to reach customers in a presentation called “Stop Mailing, Start Texting.”

High Point Market Authority’s description of the seminar – “Companies across the United States continue to spend millions of dollars per year on solicitations, payment reminders, and collections via regular mail to an existing customer base only to receive (at best) a 2% ROI. SMS, MMS< IVR and email automation are all tools that furniture retailers and software companies should be incorporating to communicate with their customers and potential customers on a global scale. In addition to the technology aspect of the above, D’LangEmobile will also provide attendees with legal & compliance guidance.

Taylor Rechtin, one of our High Point Bloggers, attended the seminar and came away with these key notes:

  • There are projected to be over five billion cell phone users by 2018
  • Benefits of SMS campaigns
    • 90% of text messages are read within fifteen minutes of being received
    • Email only has 20-40% open rates
    • No cost of postage
    • Reach widest mobile audience
    • Get customers to opt in by, for example, saying text FURNITURE to 12345
    • High ROI (return on investment)
  • Beneficial to get consent forms signed so you avoid legal problems that could arise
  • D’LangEmobile vs. competition
    • Compliance and legal terms provided with guidance at no cost
    • Customizable apps, FTPs and web apps
    • Unlimited data archiving at no additional cost; will back up every text sent out and received
    • Useful in case any disputes arise; provides documentation
    • Superior customer and technical support



D’LangEmobile was founded in 2007. Their idea is to connect consumers with business via the mobile phone. They were brought in to speak about how to use SMS and technology to reach your customer base. We thank High Point Market for bring this interesting topic to the market community.