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Jake Kilroy on February 15, 2016 | Follow @FakeBookCovers

Rugs are a key component of any interior decorator’s plan of attack. They tie the room together! But rugs are an entirely different entity to Alexandra Kehayoglou, who creates moss-like rugs by assembling scraps and threads to ultimately mimic forest landscapes or paintings.

The 34-year-old artist started bringing the look of nature into homes after finishing art school in 2008. Her source material comes from the Kehayoglou family’s carpet factory in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so it was a matter of fulfilling a destiny of sorts, as she explained to Instagram.


“I grew up surrounded by rugs. I realized that the knowledge of rugs I had was in my genes. Using it as an artist became inevitable. The style that I’ve created is an abstraction of landscapes from my country. I would like everyone that looks at my pieces to feel that they are entering a new context. The pieces are big and feel infinite. They are meant to be portals that have the power of taking you where your memories are.”

Kehayoglou speaks with great care for her craft, as well as her family’s trade history, and it comes through in her working process. One rug can take as long as two months, from start to finish, which, upon seeing some final products, doesn’t seem as long as it may initially seem.

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