WeinribJerry Weinrib was ABC Carpets, later named ABC Home. He died February 16, 2016.

He was a complete merchant at a time when the secret to success was said to be in the buying.

He knew buying. He also knew selling, and he knew how to get customers in the store(s).

His view was that all the customers on the sales floors had his money in their pockets, and it was his job to get it out from them.


He created theater, he made the store theatrical. The business was built on passion.

And he never lost sight of the details of running the business. His passion for details was as great as his passion for deals, and a fundamental underlying passion for the product—rugs, and carpets, and then the theatrical accessories.

Jerry Weinrib invented ABC, and accessory retailing at the level we know it.

He is survived by his first wife Cora, and his second wife Bunny Podell Weinrib, daughters Madeline and Paulette, and Paulette’s daughter, Lena. His son predeceased him.

—Leslie Stroh, Sr. Editor

Jerry Weinrib’s New York Times Obituary – February 16, 2016