rnad 1.16 for the web katherine photo 2 IMG_5372What design centers and markets do you attend?

We love going to ADAC, the DNC in New York and any local antique furniture or antique stores that work well with, and discount well for, designers/ trade professionals.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of rug?

I personally love any type of natural material from jute to wool to silk depending on the project, and my clients’ needs.

At what point do you consider the flooring in your projects?

We do a lot of new construction and complete renovation of historic properties. I start thinking about flooring from the time we select the type of wood & stain going in the project. The layering of different types of rugs of different materials not only help define a space and how it is used, they also add a texture, color, and warmth.

Do you buy custom rugs?

All the time!


Would you have any suggestions for the importers or dealers?

Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service!!! I can not say it enough. If I have a bad customer service experience, it will be the last time I buy from a company no matter how amazing the product is. I would have to say one of the best rug companies I have ever come in contact with is Tufenkian. We go through their showroom in New York, and they are amazing!!! We deal with Paul Story, and I will buy everything I can from them over my career as a designer because of the amazing level of service.

Do you use the Internet for purchasing?

No, not really at all. I prefer to see what we are buying either in person or if I am buying from a company I love. I am old school; I go straight to their catalogue and call customer service.

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