rnad 12.15 for the web Michael Hutchings designer photoWhat markets or design centers do  you attend?

As an interior designer who works exclusively in residential spaces, I spend several weeks a year attending/visiting different market centers. On a regular basis I attend the Atlanta Market as well as Las Vegas Market with plans to add High Point Market to the list in 2016. On a local level I utilize Interiors Trading Company in Tampa, Florida.

Do you have a favorite source?

My favorite source is Addison/Dicus Company, since they have an expansive collection of rugs procured from different manufacturers from around the world. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and have helped me make the best selection of style and product based upon my design needs.

Do you have a favorite style of rug  or even fiber?

While some designers may, I personally do not gravitate to a particular style or fiber when working with clients. I start by determining how a space is to be utilized along with their personal preferences. This helps me choose which type and style of area rug is best for them and their lifestyle, then the design evolves from there.

Do you have any SUGGESTIONS for dealers?

I am happy to say I do not. The dealers I work with have made my job easier by always having a great selection and a good quantity of samples.


Do you use the Internet for your purchases?

At this time I do not, but I am not opposed to doing so, if I am familiar with the product, the vendor, and have the means of attaining a sample. I am very fortunate to have a great source nearby that has been able to work with me to find the right style thus far.

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