What markets or design centers do you patronize?

I attend the High Point market every few years in the fall. My team and I also frequent the Merchandise Mart showrooms in Chicago every few weeks but are on the phone or emailing the showrooms as needed. In addition, as we have a studio in Libertyville, reps make appointments to keep us up to date.

Do you have a favorite source?

Yes, we have our favorites. In each case, they are our go-to’s because of service, quality, and timeliness. We have developed close relationships over the years and can trust them to collaborate with us, offer their expertise and then follow through with orders! Some are:
Julie Dasher Rugs for custom wool, wool and silk and flat weave rugs; Edelman Leather for custom hair on hide rugs; Stark and Masland for custom broadloom bound rugs; Design Materials for custom sisal, sea grass and flat textural wool rugs; plus we are excited about the introduction of Brunschwig & Fils’ new line of rugs.

What features and styles in the rug are most important to you?

A rug always anchors a room and creates a seating niche(s). However, it will either be front and center — a focal point in the room — or take a back seat and blend in with the room. Of course usage is important too. The rug you need in your foyer is not the same as the rug needed in a mud room or living room. We consider all elements, as well as pricing and timing when making selections.

Do you have any suggestions for the dealers or those in the industry that might help you?

Yes, we will not order a stock rug without a sample. The same is true for furniture finishes. If the manufacturers could have small 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 samples of the rugs, that could be mailed to us for approval and then returned or kept for a small fee such as $15 that would be extremely helpful. I would prefer to keep the sample to include with our CFA’s at the end of the project.


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