Week 1: Reviewing the Trade
By Pano Anthos

It’s Monday morning and the XRC team is wired on coffee with a bright week of plans ahead. Today marks the 3rd week since our program launch, and the second week of classes – out of a 10 week curriculum.

In this weekly post series, we will summarize and share a sneak peek on what to take away from the seminar classes held over the last week. XRC Labs has the pleasure of hosting an array of successful, intuitive speakers who reveal some tips, tricks, and secrets to the trade.

Here are a few insider quotes to take away from the experience:


XRC01 2Nomad 3BIRCHBOX-1024x512 4picture-here-6-1024x512Coming soon: feature stories on the talented Parsons artists that designed our space!

[Reprinted with permission from XRC Labs]