rnad 10.15 for the web joanne FullSizeRender-5At what point in the project do you consider the floor covering?

During the project, I consider the floor covering from the very start. I believe it is a very important part of the entire cohesive feel of the room.

What markets or design centers do you attend?

I go to the Washington Design Center, High Point, North Carolina and the New York Design Center. I also attend various local furniture stores, rug suppliers and any place I can find whatever is necessary to meet my clients’ needs.

Do you have a favorite source?

I do not have a favorite place since each project requires such a variety of sources, and I am led towards the “item” versus the source. My favorite way to design combines the old with the new, the used with new. With my clients, I will work with their preference to create a look both of us will be proud to show.

Do you purchase many custom rugs?

Yes, I purchase custom rugs. More often than not I will purchase a custom rug with contemporary design. However, I have also used a custom design in transitional design. As far as a number of custom rugs I average about 12 plus per year. I recently purchased 8 custom rugs for a commercial project.


Social media or the Internet, are these something you use for designing?

I do use the Internet for designing. But ultimately I like to see and feel fabrics. With furniture, it is a little easier for me as I have extensive experience with case goods.  Social media I try to keep my business with LinkedIn. I am on Facebook and have many friends. At this point, I have not combined my personal Facebook with my business.