nad 9.15 for the web pam designerWhat markets or design centers do you  attend?

We attend High Point at least once a year; it’s a great place to see many vendors in one location. Seeing the size, correct color and scale of the rugs we select for our projects makes our job easier. As for custom lines, we head to the Merchandise Mart in Chicago for Kravet and other custom rug lines. As a designer, we are always searching for the perfect something to highlight in our spaces. When we can’t find it, we design it.

Do you have a favorite source for your rugs?

One of our favorites is Masland, for their variety and customization, another new one we have been pleased with is Creative Accents out of California. They provide simple patterns to customize and amazing texture in their rugs. Customer service does drive our selection process. However we consider the overall line in our selection process.

Do you have a favorite style of rug?

I love a custom wool with a mix of cut and loop. The mixture in the rug and the dimension this creates adds volumes to the overall effect. The combination of techniques and soft fibers provide a cushion that retains its beauty for a long time. A style would have to be Tibetan. They are a piece of art alone. When added to a room it’s a great look no matter what the style of the room.

Do you use the computer for buying area rugs?

It saves time to do our overall research online, we can easily hone in on one type of rug, color, texture, etc. and see where the search leads us. We prefer to order online with a paper trail, it eliminates the human error portion of the ordering process and provides a clear understanding of what we are ordering.


Has social media changed any of your rug buying habits?

When we were at Neocon this year, we used Instagram quite a bit. They promoted it heavily and made the involvement fun and simple. It was so easy to follow certain showrooms, post your own findings and connect with colleagues and vendors. It is a quick and easy tool to use, which we are using more often now. We are all about saving time; there’s so little of it nowadays. It seems you have to be an expert on so many levels, especially when the lines change or new ones added.

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