rad 8.15 for the web Karen_Arpino_Interiors_Rug_NewsDo you have a favorite source?

I have some wonderful resources for rugs locally. I purchase most of my rugs from either Stark Carpet or Country Carpet. These sources are very high quality, and they provide excellent customer service and stand behind their products.

What markets or design centers do you attend?

I am lucky to have both the D & D (Decoration and Design) building and the NY Design Center in very close proximity to my office. I usually attend the NY Now show twice a year at the Javits Center in New York.

Do you purchase many rugs online?

I normally do not use the Internet to purchase rugs, but I absolutely use it to do research. Often I will spend time researching ideas, colors and trends on the Internet to help me narrow the search and see what is available, what is new and exciting.

Do you purchase many custom rugs?

I often purchase custom rugs, as I find that it is sometimes necessary to achieve the design, size and color that I need for a project.


What feature in a rug is most important to you?

Color, design, size and durability are important features.  I always consider the use and make sure that the content of the rug is appropriate for the room it is going into. It is very important to have a relationship with the dealer that I purchase the rugs from. My resources know what is important to me and always look out for the things that are of concern to me.

At what point do you start considering the rugs?

This can vary. Sometimes I see a fabulous rug and start with that and then select all the fabrics and finishes for the furniture based on the rug. Other times, I have shown the client certain fabrics, finishes and furniture before we have begun the rug search.

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