rnad 8.15 for the web david landy IMG_1155Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

Depending upon if the rug is custom or a stock rug, I will use various sources. For area rugs I use County Carpet in Syosset, NY. I love the service, the professional knowledge and the ability to have the rugs delivered to the job site for a “trial viewing.” This ability to view the rugs in a space is very helpful in determining the proper size and patterns for the interior space.

What markets do you attend?

I go to North Carolina furniture market, High Point when I can, and never miss the New York Contemporary Furniture show.

Do you use the Internet for your purchases?

I do not use the Internet for carpet because with carpet you are dealing with the texture and shading coloration.  You cannot see this correctly on the Internet even if you have the state of the art computer equipment that we have in our firm. It’s the same with fabrics. My staff and I need to see the actual item before we show it to our client. It has to pass our standard first or it is not going anywhere.

Do you purchase many custom rugs?

When necessary I will design and have a custom rug made. It has to be the right situation however. Cost usually is not an issue when we get involved with an all New Zealand wool custom designed rug, since the rugs are more expensive than stock. The waiting time for such a rug has to be also “not a concern,” as we have to wait 3-6 months for custom orders.


What feature in a rug or with the rug dealer is most important to you?

I look for carpet that is cleanable, hides dirt with its pattern, and does not wear out easily. If it’s an area rug I make sure it does not wrinkle when placed on the floor. Therefore, I tend to stay away from flat hand woven rugs.

At what point in the project do you start considering the rugs?

It usually is the very first item in our procurement list. Since the room is built around the rug, it is the most important FIRST decision that the designer and client have to make to set the proper mood for the room. Is it going to be a hand woven rug that will give a plethora of color to the room, or is it going to be a simple tone on tone or striped pattern.

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